Oil Change Spokane

Oil Change Spokane?

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Oil Change Spokane

An oil change Spokane folks always seem to make a low priority.  The truth is an oil change is the single best way to make your car run better and last longer.

What are the actual benefits to an oil change Spokane?


  • Longevity – If your engine is well lubricated it runs smoother, has less friction to wear things down so lasts longer.
  • Gunkless – Ickies build up over time but the more lubrication the less gunk can build up and gum things up.
  • Stressless – Runs better up hills since the parts don’t have to work so hard.

One final thought – consider trying a synthetic oil for your next oil change Spokane.  Lasts longer, is better for your car so it can last longer and it’s better for the environment.

Oil Change Spokane Valley

Oil flows through an engine to lubricate all the internal parts to make sure the engine runs smooth.  Reducing abrasive bits of dirt, dust & sludge can really make a difference to engine life and even engine responsiveness.

In a nutshell:

CARS-Spokane-Oil-ChangeBest practices recommend oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months whichever is greater.  Truly though the real test is to pull out the dip stick and visually check the color and consistency of the oil.  Dark and gunky means it’s funky and needs to be emptied out and replaced with some fresh oil.  If it is clear as syrup then you’re good to keep going.

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