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Tips for Finding a Good Source For Auto Repair.  Spokane has many options but the tips below should help your decision process.If you’re hunting for a better auto repair service in Spokane… you’re not alone; No, you’re not the only one looking.

But… where is one?  Where is that clean, safe place to get auto repair?  Spokane does have places where you’ll feel comfortable about leaving your valuable automobile but where are they? Where is that repairman who’ll treat you with respect and give you great customer-service while fixing your car like it was his own automobile?  Where is that repair service shop that won’t drag its feet about getting the work done on-time (like they promised), won’t uncover even more (supposed) mechanical problems, won’t charge you an arm or leg, and… won’t tack-on extra costs on the final bill?

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Believe it or not, there are many good auto repair services in Spokane and here are some tips you should use while hunting for that special auto repair shop you like:1. Steer clear of ‘scare tactics’

If a mechanic says to you, Your car’s in really bad shape, or I wouldn’t drive this thing another block – you should thank him while getting into your car to drive to another repair shop for a second opinion.

And by the way… when getting that second opinion – or third opinion – it’s a good idea to not tell that mechanic about the other  mechanics’ opinions or service quotes for repairs.

2. Look for cleanliness

Yes, an auto repair service shop handles oily engine parts, but that doesn’t mean the shop shouldn’t be clean and orderly – just like what you’d expect at any other commercial business. A dirty, ragged work-uniform, a cluttered work bench of tools and a garage floor cluttered with empty oil cans and worn tires – these are never good signs for a reputable auto repair service; Drive on!

3. Look for Accreditation

You shouldn’t have to ask to see a reliable repair shop’s business licenses or credentials because a good auto repair shop proudly display their framed certifications from professional organizations like the AAA (American Automobile Association) or ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence).

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4. Listen for ExplanationsLike an expert in any field of business, a good auto repairman is proud of his profession. He’ll gladly explain the general details about his work or the specifics about your car’s particular mechanical problem. He’ll even offer you advice and options about having your car repaired – even if that advice sends you to another shop.

A helpful mechanic will carefully explain how he will fix your car.

An informative mechanic knows that a ‘smart customer’ becomes a ‘trusting customer’, and that kind of customer is more likely to spread the word (by word-of-mouth) about his reliable auto repair.  Spokane, by the way has one of the most forth coming auto repair places at C.A.R.S.

Also … auto repair shops should always give you a written-estimate that details their proposed labor/parts costs.  Typically quality auto repair businesses will tell you up-front, that after the repairs are finished, you’ll have the option to physically take possession of all the used/replaced/damaged parts from your car. Of course, you don’t have to take them – but that kind of offer is an excellent sign of his trustworthiness.

Remember – you’re not the only person driving around Spokane looking for a good auto mechanic – so, be sure to ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations, and use the above tips during your hunt for a more reliable, experienced auto repair service in the local Spokane area.

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